Sunday, June 21, 2009

Long long hiatus looming

Well, now, didn't tptb leave us with a cliff hanger??

I've watched several times, and still have so many questions, it makes the mind spin - for a list of most of my questions, just go to memphish's blog.

When Jacob say's "they're coming" I think he means Jack & Co. Some believe it's Ilana and her group, but Flocke already knows that they are at the foot, so that's why I think so.

Is Juliet dead? I say no, because then so is everyone near her, and that would wipe out 1/2 of the cast. The white light represents a flash in time. What made it flash though? Ben is one of the good guys imho. Just wonder how Des and Penny are going to make it back into the story line.

So, theory away!!


Capcom said...

You're back PGT! :-D

That's very true, if the bomb went off not only would Juliet be dead, but so would everyone else. If they did all die, all we would have left of them is flashbacks, or an alternate universe. :-p

It also makes sense that Jacob is speaking of the 1977 Losties coming, probably via the flash. And doesn't Flocke say "Who?" when Jacob says that? I can't remember, believe it or not, I haven't even done a re-watch yet. Must try to do that this week!

LOL, I wonder if every time something cataclysmic happend on the island, Des got a new memory?! That would be pretty annoying, if he would notice it like he did in the boat that one time! Of course he should be getting used to that by now. :o)

Synchromystic Librarian said...

yes, i totally agree "they're coming" is Jack and company hopefully including Juliet

some of us are wondering if they make a pitstop in 2004 first to pickup Charlie (since we have his guitar) and also maybe Shannon and maybe other 815ers that "died"

Synchromystic Librarian said...

i wonder what would happen if Jack & Company flashback to late 2004when everyone is still alive and Des is with them then go into the tine travel chamber in the Orchid and they hold onto to Charlie and Des and flash to 2007 at the foot with Ilana & Company

yes, maybe as little far-fetched but 1 way for Des to be 1 of the “they’re coming”

Greg Tramel said...

so what is on island Christian's role?

Capcom said...

Totally, go get the dead 815ers for old home week on the island! That would be very interesting. Cheating, maybe. But definitely interesting. Thought: Boone's personal hell on earth is Shannon screeming on the beach for all eternity. :-)

That's also another way for Desmond's vision of Claire getting on a helo to come true, if she's still alive (which I'm doubting more and more). But I'm thinking maybe the 815ers are meant to live out the rest of their lives taking care of the island, so no helo for them now, haha.

As for CS on or off, if he's not a part of this whole group with Ilana, I'd be very surprised. For instance, I know doctors have the money to traipse around the globe for the fun of it, but it's kind of odd that he had an affair and child in Oz the way he did. Why was he really there? And was the affair/child an accident or planned? Or some serendipitous event in Jacob's plan?

Greg Tramel said...

i still think that Chrisian or at least his father Ray spent time on the island, don't really have any proof to back it up, just my hunch that our Losties parent's and/or grandparents spent time on the island

Greg Tramel said...

i'm just responding to some of the rumors about some "dead" cast members retuning season 6 and trtying to figure out how, i should probsbly just ignore them, like Capcom said it's futile to predict what has not happened yet and work on figuring the myriad wtf stuff that has happened

Capcom said...

Well as far as the dead peeps, there's always flashbacks. Heheh, it's kind of like Casablanca's "We'll always have Paris", but we'll always have flashbacks. :o)

Synchromystic Librarian said...

yeah, they can always fall back on flashbacks

but i'm thinking its gonna be much more linear moving only forward season 6

maybe the flash at the end of season 5 was like a major reset and anybody that died on the island is gonna come back to life but that may be a bit much

betsy said...

Have been on a mini-vacation - thanks for all the comments.

That would be great if they flashed back to 2004 and picked up Des. Definitely want to see more of his character.

I also hope we see Charlie.

betsy said...

BTW, Capcom, I love your new "I'm just sayin" part 2.

Greg, I have theorized from the beginning that Christian holds a big piece of the mystery pie. I agree, he and Ray are in it very very deep.