Monday, October 6, 2008


We're ready for Season 5, and what do you know, so is Desperate Housewives . Terry O'Quinn said in his Emmy speech "I wish we could bake cookies and be paid as well as those on Wisteria Lane". You'all are almost there. According to various rag sheets , the pay for each episode has been bumped up to the six figures for the major players!!!

Good for you!

So, getting back to S5, what is going to be the main storyline here? Where will S5 open. When we left our gang, Jack and Ben were going to do a Weekend at Bernie's with Locke. How exactly do you get a corpse to travel back in time with you. Do you have to hold his hand?

And what about Ben trying to track down Penny. Now that seems moot to me. Why bother to kill Penny? Alex is gone, and killing Penny won't change anything for Ben. I switch back and forth from hating him to feeling sorry for him, but if he harms Penny, I'll definitely not go back to any sympathy for him.

Is Jin alive? IMHO --- Yes!! He jumped off the freighter, and is swimming towards shore, only to come upon Juliet and Sawyer passed out.

Too much to think about in the opening of S5, so I hope TPTB will answer some questions, and give us a better first 5 episodes than the bear cages!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Will the Oceanic Six travel in time with Ben?

When Jack and Ben round everyone up to go back to the island, will they travel back to 2004, on that fateful Sept. day? TPTB tell us we all missed something important in the pilot, and that's been bugging me ever since I heard about it. I have watched the pilot so many times I can say everybody's lines.

So what do you think would happen if they go back to that date, knowing everything they now know?