Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bring Back Daniel Faraday

I don't believe I'm alone in wanting Daniel to somehow be in S6. If the bomb did it's job (as Cuseloff put it at CC), then he should be alive and well. Of all of the new characters Lost introduced, he is my second favorite, behind Juliet. Ben draws a close third.

When they brought in Nikki and Paolo, my first reaction how could they do this, and why. Well the why was the Nikki factor and her short shorts etc...

Then, tptb brought in Naomi, Miles, Daniel and Keamy. I desperately wanted Keamy to die, and didn't care for Naomi, but I really liked Daniel and Miles - the latter getting some of the best lines in S4 and 5. Oops, forgot about Charlotte - does that tell you anything. I'm sure she's a good actress, just not Lost material.

So, in S6, I will just go with the flow, and accept all tptb decisions, and enjoy the ride, but please bring back our wacky scientist.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Remember when

Rember the end of S1, when we were all wondering what was in the hatch, and Jack and Locke were waving their torches, looking down the burning death hole?

Such a parrallel to the end of S5, Jack looking down the tube, into the burning death hole.

The thing is, though, when S2 arrived, we were greeted with someone brand new (well almost), popping out of bed, etc... So, I'm wondering if in the first few moments of S6, we'll be introduced to a new character just to throw us off. It's either that, or it'll be Christian Shepherd and Mrs Hawking conferring over glass of wine. Yeah, right.

How will S6 open???

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Long long hiatus looming

Well, now, didn't tptb leave us with a cliff hanger??

I've watched several times, and still have so many questions, it makes the mind spin - for a list of most of my questions, just go to memphish's blog.

When Jacob say's "they're coming" I think he means Jack & Co. Some believe it's Ilana and her group, but Flocke already knows that they are at the foot, so that's why I think so.

Is Juliet dead? I say no, because then so is everyone near her, and that would wipe out 1/2 of the cast. The white light represents a flash in time. What made it flash though? Ben is one of the good guys imho. Just wonder how Des and Penny are going to make it back into the story line.

So, theory away!!