Thursday, July 9, 2009

Remember when

Rember the end of S1, when we were all wondering what was in the hatch, and Jack and Locke were waving their torches, looking down the burning death hole?

Such a parrallel to the end of S5, Jack looking down the tube, into the burning death hole.

The thing is, though, when S2 arrived, we were greeted with someone brand new (well almost), popping out of bed, etc... So, I'm wondering if in the first few moments of S6, we'll be introduced to a new character just to throw us off. It's either that, or it'll be Christian Shepherd and Mrs Hawking conferring over glass of wine. Yeah, right.

How will S6 open???


memphish said...

I wasn't wondering what was in the Hatch because I didn't finish S1 until about 3 days before S2 started and didn't know I was supposed to be asking questions. :-)

As for S6 I don't have the foggiest notion. I think my leading theory is still that they'll be back on 815 on Sept. 22, 2004 though I know most people hate that notion. Alternatively I think we should pick up exactly where we left off in the foot with Ben confronting Fake Locke only to go back outside and find the missing 815ers (missing from 2007 that is) outside at the foot with a Sun and Jin reunion. Do you think she brought a picture of Ji Yeon with her to show Jin at least?

pgtbeauregardislost said...


I hope Sun and Jin are reunited quickly, and with a picture. That would be awsome.

I really don't like the opening with them being on 815, but it's entirely possible.

Capcom said...

I would love to see Flocke walking outside to see all of the others out there on the beach. A little flash of light, a little shake, he and Ben peak outside the statue....."oh bleep!" :-D

I also hope that they don't drag out the Jin and Sun looking for each other for very long. I want them to find each other right away and then get on with things, haha.

pgtbeauregard said...

Thanks for posting Capcom.

I am thinking now that I'm way off track with the showing of the two new commercials, especially the one by Oceanic where they say they have a perfect safety record. Yikes! Oh well, my theories have not panned out so far, why ruin a good track record!!

Capcom said...

I think that for season 6 we will probably be happier just soaking in whatever TPTB give us during hiatus, at face value, and then enoying the surprise when we get it as the season begins. Hopefully no matter what we try to guess, they will come up with something totally unique for us. :-)

Chelsea said...

For the first time in the history of LOST, I have no idea how the next season is going to start. I kind of like it!

pgtbeauregard said...


I know what you mean, I was spoiled for S3 and S4, and vowed never to do that again.

This should be an exciting start, and finish!!