Monday, October 6, 2008


We're ready for Season 5, and what do you know, so is Desperate Housewives . Terry O'Quinn said in his Emmy speech "I wish we could bake cookies and be paid as well as those on Wisteria Lane". You'all are almost there. According to various rag sheets , the pay for each episode has been bumped up to the six figures for the major players!!!

Good for you!

So, getting back to S5, what is going to be the main storyline here? Where will S5 open. When we left our gang, Jack and Ben were going to do a Weekend at Bernie's with Locke. How exactly do you get a corpse to travel back in time with you. Do you have to hold his hand?

And what about Ben trying to track down Penny. Now that seems moot to me. Why bother to kill Penny? Alex is gone, and killing Penny won't change anything for Ben. I switch back and forth from hating him to feeling sorry for him, but if he harms Penny, I'll definitely not go back to any sympathy for him.

Is Jin alive? IMHO --- Yes!! He jumped off the freighter, and is swimming towards shore, only to come upon Juliet and Sawyer passed out.

Too much to think about in the opening of S5, so I hope TPTB will answer some questions, and give us a better first 5 episodes than the bear cages!!!


memphish said...

Maybe Ben has already tracked and killed Penny. He landed in Oct. 2005 and Locke died in what was it, after August 2007? (I can't remember the date of the baseball game in Jack's newspaper which predated Locke's death by some time.)

I have no idea where S5 will start. In part I think that's why I'm not as keyed up about LOST right now. I don't know where and when my speculation should begin and other than getting back to the Island what else I should be thinking about. And I assume getting back to the Island is a foregone conclusion for at least some of the O6, so the tension of will they/won't they is absent for me.

As for Jin, I actually hope he is dead. I think having him survive that explosion and swimming back probably on fire to the Island is pulling a Heroes-level stretch of credulity. The only way I can begin not to feel cheated by Jin's "death" is for the Zodiac to pick him up immediately after the explosion, but the positions of various people at the time of the FDW make that unclear.

Here's what I'd rather see -- Zodiac picks up a dead Jin and before they can bury him Jin's body disappears, only to reappear in Jacob's cabin, talking backwards and wet, etc.

pgtbeauregard said...

I hope Penny isn't dead, because that would mean Desmond will be searching for Ben to kill him.

You could be right about Jin, I just would love to see him alive, and break the DUI curse that plagued the other actors. Did the zodiak move with the island? That's one question I hope TPTB answer right away, as well as where the island is.

memphish said...

I have to assume the Zodiac moved with the Island because otherwise Penny's Boat (as opposed to Not Penny's Boat) should have found it. Surely, surely Penny's Boat scoured the area before it left for the Sunda Trench.

Capcom said...

I hope that Jin's alive. Did some redshirts manage to get off the island by jumping back into the zodiak? I forget. Maybe if some did, and Jin jumped far enough from the boat to survive the blast and flying shrapnel, they could have picked him up.

It would be nice if some kind fan would draw up a diagram of radius measurements around the island with what little we know, and mark where the zodiak, boat, etc., were when the island moved and the boat blew up. Then we could guesstimate who got moved, who stayed, etc. :-D

The way the scenes were shown, TPTB could possibly say that a little more time (seconds?) passed between when Jin jumped and when the boat blew, than was specifically shown. Maybe?

pgtbeauregard said...

One would think that Pen's boat would have scoured the area, but we don't know for sure.

Jin knew about the explosives, so he could have jumped out and swam under water to safety:)

Something that has bothered me: We know Ben went back in time to Oct 2005, so does that mean the island did as well? Then what about Daniel's time experiments? Does the island move back in time the same amount as Ben? Just curious.

memphish said...

Well actually PGT, it would be forward in time. It was Jan 2005 in "real" time. Ben turned the wheel and arrived in Oct. 2005. Hard to say what happened to the Island, but many speculate it too moved forward in time which is why it is unlocatable. But I think it moved in space and possibly also in time. Otherwise, you would just stake out that space until it reappeared.

pgtbeauregard said...


Sorry about the slip. I keep thinking about things being in the present (with all the flash forwards and such) Do the folks on the boat know that the island moved in time? Do Widmore's people know it moved forward in time? If they did, then you're right, they could just hang around until it popped back up again. I remember your theory about it moving in space, and that would explain the drug plane being on the island.

memphish said...

Who knows what, as always with LOST, is an ongoing question. I'm assuming no one on Penny's Boat would possibly guess that the Island could move in time or that Ben would move forward in time. I'm also willing to bet that Ben has not shared that info. with Sayid, Jack or any of the other O6. Hurley might know if Charlie or another dead person told him. Then again, who will believe crazy Hurley?

I'd also guess that Daniel Farraday on some level does know that the Island can move in time. Now whether or not he needs to be reading the correct page of his notebook in order to remember that's another question. But Daniel, Ben, Widmore, those are the only people I think I could name with a fair degree of certainty that has any concept of moving in time. And maybe Richard.

pgtbeauregard said...

In regard to Daniel,

what do you make of the video during ComiCon?

Capcom said...

It sure seems as if TPTB want us to think that it's him in one of the background voices.

pgtbeauregard said...


It sounded very much like Daniel F. The implications of him being on the island 30 some years ago is staggering.

Lost 2010 said...

Jin alive and badly burned in the Zodiac is the most realistic way for him to survive I suppose. I can deal with that.

Having half dead survivors washing up on shore would also keep Juliet pretty busy, since she's the only remaining doctor on the island.

I wonder if the people they come back to find won't bare several physical scars - it would provide a contrast to the emotional scarring of the O6.

pgtbeauregard said...

Hi Lost2010!

I agree with you about Jin, I really do think it's possible he's alive, and when Juliet sobers up, she can treat him.

I like the contrast of emotion scarring vs. physical.