Monday, September 29, 2008

Waiting for Lost

This year waiting for Lost to start isn't as bad as the previous. We were so concerned about the writers strike, and what is would mean for the season, i.e., would we have a season. It's still hard to stay away from spoilers because they're all over the place, even at places you wouldn't expect them.

Wouldn't it be a wild twist if Jack has a twin (his mother in on the plot), who is a female, and was sent to live on the island. Christian named her Annie, and left her to live there. This opens up all sorts of wild speculation (my theories are NEVER right though).

I have always believed Christian has been in on the plot since the beginning. Where he ties in exactly, and who he is sided with is the great unknown.

More to come!


memphish said...

Nice blogging start! I'm still waiting for that Bad Twin to emerge too. Maybe it simply refers to each individual getting a do-over. I still like the idea that the show ends where it began with Jack and 815 crashing on the Island and opening his eyes.

And whose side Christian is on is definitely key. Especially given his appearance in Jacob's cabin, his claim to speak for Jacob and his manipulation to keep Claire on Island and get Aaron and Jack off. Maybe Aaron is the new Jack? Okay, just blowing smoke now.

pgtbeauregard said...

Thanks Memphish,

I like the idea of a twin too, and it would be fun for Jack to have another sibling floating around somewhere.

Aaron = Jack - interesting!!

I have always thought everyone was brought to the island for a reason, and the ones who were superfelous (sp?) were killed off by the island.

Capcom said...

Good luck on your new blog! (champagne bottle cracks on the bow)

Great idea! I think Jack's head will explode if he finds another sister haha! Goody, I hope it's true. :o)

Maybe also the Bad Twin has something to do with how we learned that there can be two of someone on and off the island? Probably not.

I agree, it seemed to me that the ones who have died were just collateral damage, so to speak.

pgtbeauregard said...


Thanks for checking out the blog - So I guess you won't be voting for Jack on the Darkufo character challenge!!

Capcom said...

LOL! I've forgotten about doing that for a while, but it would depend who he's up against. :o)